Cornerstone Rehab -The abyss of drug addiction in New York


Drug addiction is the condition whereby a person regularly feels an insatiable thirst of a particular drug. This may make that person stretch so as to at least to quench it is so sad is to say that this condition may last forever is no proper corrective measures are put in place to restore the condition to normalcy says cornerstone rehab ny. Several factors may lead to drugs addiction. In broad terms, these factors can be classified into biological, environmental and trauma factors. Biological factor simply refers to the ‘disorder’ being inherited and passed on from generation to generation.

Mutation may have caused the defective gene to be formed and accidentally becoming dominant. Restoring the condition next to normal may involve complex genetic engineering. You are always the sum total of your surrounding. Thus your New York friends may lure you into drug addiction. Peer pressure compels you to do what your comrades are doing. Encountering nerve-jarring ordeals like sexual abuse always leave permanent marks in the heart of the victim and so one think taking drugs will relieve him from such stress. Neglect in the society also have the same effect as one feels odd and out of place thus thinking that embracing in drugs will erase such a feeling. However, its possible for one to prevent himself from the thick mud of drug addiction in new york.

One of the ways is to learn how to say no to bad company and by extension drugs. To crawl out of the dark valley of addiction, one must be strong enough and let go of bad company. Thereafter associating himself with positive people. People of the same mission in life. Engaging in associations and clubs also make one committed so that time for bad company and bad thoughts is hardly gotten. Enriching himself with enough knowledge about drugs, their effects and how to prevent yourself from sliding into the fathomless abyss of addiction. Such knowledge is an important tool to fight this societal menace which devour people regardless of their social, economic and political status. Generally, drug addiction treatment in New York can be a challenge to all countries from first world to third world. As a result, efforts need to be put in place to save generations from this beast that devours people merciless. There is nothing impossible to any willing heart, its for the glory of God and the good of our neighbors. Let’s be united to save our generation after all, we are our brothers’ keepers, aren’t we?

Alcohol- An Addictive Addiction


Unfortunately, alcohol addiction is one of the most common and well known diseases in all of America. Alcohol has the ability to touch peoples lives, in such a way, that it breaks up happy homes. Sometimes it tends to make a person spiral out of control, and if not contained, it will destroy everything within it’s path. Believe me. I was one of those people at Cornerstone rehab. Now now, I’m not going to go into details, but I’m sure that many of you know what I mean. Alcoholism plays a part in a majority of crimes committed in the U.S., as well as contributing to fatal and non-fatal accidents. As most of you have or will do, some of you have had to intervene on behalf of a family member and or a friend, wishing and praying that the drinking and their self torment subsides. Alcoholism is a very long and very tough addiction to beat. To combat this beast, you must willingly admit that you have a problem. You must also be strong as well as self motivated, as this is not an easy task to defeat. You and only you alone can change the outcome of your addiction.

Many of a us wonder why some people tend to do what they do. Of course it’s hard to tell, because there can be many factors that may complicate or add to the problem that is already at hand. For some it is sexual abuse, for others it is domestic violence or child abuse. All of these factors can be causes as to what drives many to drink. Alcohol addiction is not your typical disease. It is not something that can just be hidden under the table or pushed to the side for future references. We as a society, must continue to push for stricter rules and regulations when it comes to alcohol. And no alcoholism will never go away, in all actuality, over the years it seems to have gotten worse. People still don’t take into account the true affects of alcohol, until it is absolutely to late. For those out there who may be suffering from alcohol addiction, you are not alone and cornerstone rehab can help. Your life is precious and you are absolutely worth the fight. If you are in need of help, please reach out to your local counselors. I may not be able to help everyone,but knowing that I have at least helped someone, is a wonderful feeling.